Hey there! My name is Nacho, but people know me as bazoo in the scene. I'm a Falco player from Valencia, Spain. I recently decided to mod and sell Gamecube controllers, so I'm fairly new to the modding world, but I wanted to bring something new to the market: affordable prices for basic functional mods.


Shipping costs may vary. For Europe, it should be around 15€. Shipping to the USA costs around 35-50€. Shipping within Spain should be around 5€ (~30€ Canary Islands). I will contact you via email or Discord to inform you of the different shipping options so that you can pick the one that suits you the most.

Other mods

Right now, we are focusing on functional mods only. That means that we are not doing paint work, paracording, light mods, custom buttons and other kinds of mods that just change the appearance of the controller. In the near future, we want to add some other mods like bald buttons.

Any questions? Join our Discord and drop your questions there.